Glen Ward

Team leader for the Black Chamber's A-Team of special agents


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Glen grew up an only child on the rough side of the New York streets. While he was young he enjoyed shooting other children with his b.b. gun and although this got him into a lot of trouble…he doesn’t remember missing a single shot. When he dropped out of Jr.High he started hanging out with the wrong sort and by the age of 16 he and his friends were drinking, smoking, gambling and the rest. About then he lost his virginity at a party, barely remembers her face – it may come back to haunt him sooner or later.

A year later he got into a fight, not anything out of the ordinary. But what he didn’t know was that the man he was fighting was with the mob(no description will be made, names will be excluded for privacy purposes). When the hood pulled out a knife and tried to stab him because he was losing the fist fight, Glen’s friend (name deleted) threw him a large combat knife which he still has to this day. He made his first of many kills that day.

The hood’s boss – being the sick, demented and oddly generous man – did not kill Glen but instead had him bagged, thrown in a truck and taken to a dark alley where he met the bossman face to face, with Glen soiling himself thinking he was about to die. Glenn was surprised when the boss spoke, “I want to make you an offer you can’t refuse.” The boss had Glen work off the “blood-debt”, doing what ever they told him whenever they told him. Pretty soon
Glen was deep in The Family and they had realized Glens remarkable talent with firearms.

At 21 he was a “made man” for the mob, known as Mr.Ward or “Glennie the Gun” and was the fastest and best shot in the city". With his hittman status, by 25 he had acquired himself a small fortune with his “job” but spent most of it on prostitutes, strippers, drugs and cards, and was known in the police files as the “Manhunter”.

At 28 he got a letter in the mail of a “job” description with an address date and time, but it had a weird symbol on the bottom instead of a signature, he doesn’tremember what it looked like. Not thinking much of it because the pay was substantial he started planning for the job. Whilst on top of a building with his scoped, silenced sniper rifle he saw someone who fitted the target description – clothes, cane and all – but could not make out the face due to the poor lighting. Ward noticed the man was watching him the whole time and in a rush he fired. Instead of the usual and anticipated gore, Ward was shocked to see that there where what appeared to be small tentacles or large worms coming from the mans neck! While Ward was stunned looking at the man, frozen with fear and confusion, the headless man went on to shake his cane back and forth in a mocking motion.

Right then his head started growing back. With Ward still paralyzed and before the head was even completed, the man leaned up back into the shadows, twirled his his silver-topped cane between his fingers, laughed just enough so Ward could hear him, and walked away. It was a few minutes before Glenn could even move. He stayed up all night replaying the night over and over in his head. The next morning he heard his door bell ring and not thinking answered it without checking who it was. There stood 2 men in black suits and sunglasses.

Ward instantly knew they where with the government, began reaching for his silenced 45. and realized he’d left it on the nightstand. “Oh,Fu…”, he blurted. But before he could finish he was interrupted and somehow could not help but listen. “Greetings” Said the man on the right. “I am Agent Johnson and this is Agent Johnson – no relation”. Ward raised an eyebrow in confusion. Agent Johnson #1 took off his shades, revealing his glowing, green eyes which were filled with what appeared to be writhing worms or maggots. “And we would like to make you an offer you cant refuse”.

Glen Ward

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