Hunter Mcallister

Anthroplogist and ritual magician, Black Chamber A-Team sage


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Hunter was a volunteer when he first went to the Mid East, as a civilian liaison for the US government in occupied Iraq from 2003 to 2005. He used the pay and introductions he got to go back to college, and got his doctorate in Archeology in 2006. Since then he has been teaching as an associate professor at Princeton. His specialist subject is the way in which beliefs about the supernatural influenced cultures and the artifacts they left behind.

Since his earliest days, Hunter could “feel” presences – spirits and ghosts – and somewhat feel their emotions. His spirit detection abilities progressed further to the point of being able to see and communicate with spirits when he is not wearing glasses, which has proved invaluable for information gathering. He could also see auras around people, and some items. It’s something he has kept quiet but has often been useful in his work, guiding him to finds no-one else could have discovered. He’s always been convinced magic really exists, and is now determined to find a way to grab as much as he can for himself, somehow, now that he’s been proven correct. In that regard, he thinks of the lycanthropy inflicted by a werewolf bite during Case Hunters Moon as a boon rather than a curse. His study of a tome of magic known as the Corpus Hermeticum has yielded him more than a few useful spells and tricks that have proven most effective, in particular being the binding of souls into items. Deceased party members have been imbued into his party’s weapons of choice, but his antics with binding have not been without controversy. His most morally questionable usages include the binding of a fallen party member against his will into a monstrous sized gun, and the binding of a Diabolus Mage by the name of Simon Lark, a former antagonist and now grudging ally, into his 9mm Pistol. Such things do not look well on a respectable, if eccentric, Episcopalian Associate Professor. But to Hunter, he believes that his ends justify his means, and his search for knowledge on the occult pushes forward today, to the advantage of his team, the Black Chamber, and by extension, the world at large and in forced secrecy.

After his most recent mission with the Black Chamber A-Team, Hunter Mcalister has since resigned from Princeton and has gone to The Beach for training. Upon his return, he has not only become a full-fledged Hermeticist, he has also had his state of Lycanthropy removed, finding that he has had his fill of his Lycanthropy research. He has been entrusted with a powerful device called the “NecronomiPhone”: A device, created by secret contracts between the Black Chamber and Apple, to be one part Apple smart phone, one part magical conductor, and one part spell book, containing a multitude of sorcerous tomes redesigned into fully capable and potent Apps.

He is now an even more imposing sorcerer, and ever more equipped to handle the many trials on the road to humanity’s salvation. With the NecronomiPhone in his left hand, and Lark and a rosary in the other, one can only watch as he either proves himself capable as one of humanity’s saviors, or falls short of the eldritch horrors that will utterly annihilate humanity at the blink of an eye.

Hunter Mcallister

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