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Hand-To-Hand Expert on the Black Chamber's A-Team of special agents


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Kyle was just a young boy of the age of 10 when he started to learn Bhuddism under the teachings of master Tobias. At the age of fifteen Tobias decided to enter him into a karate compitition. he won the compitition, but at the end of his final fight he made an enemy, Sandra Morton, whom still has a grudge and a vow to win their next fight in the future. At age 20 he started his own dojo and becamed a karate teacher while still under the studies of Master Tobias. At 21 he was given his sword from Tobias, It is antique, silver, and blessed. Not long after he was recruited by the Black Chamber. At 22 he ended up helping the daughter of Detective Martin Nogales, Who still owes him a favor to this day.

Kyle Slates

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