Robert Hubert - Belial

Tries too hard to look human


He’s better dressed than anyone you’ve ever met. He’s fashionable, rich, powerful, well-spoken, and impeccable. He never displays emotion. Robert Hubert behaves as a machine in a man’s skin. Fastidious to the point of obsession, his constant grooming and precise, clockwork-like movements more closely resembles something that stepped out of the Uncanny Valley than a human being. Robert Hubert first appeared on the New York scene in the 60’s. He became manager of Club Apocalypse at its opening in 1969, and has remained a fixture there ever since. And he has not appeared to have aged a single day in all the photographs he had taken – him with famous musicians and celebrities, in which he stands in exactly the same position wearing exactly the same suit he still wears in every single one. He looks 25 and always has.

Some of those more savvy to the nature of the Network and aware of some of the company Hubert keeps suspect him of being an android, or a homunculus of some sort. They are incorrect, but those that learn the truth typically meet some horrible ‘accident’ in the deepest subterranean chambers beneath Club Apocalypse.

Belial is also a Lord of Fate, the Lord of Life, and Anton Merriweather is his acolyte.

Robert Hubert - Belial

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