Stephen Alziz

Master of Fate


Apparently a fully human male, Alziz is also obviously very old indeed: certainly over 1,000 years old. His accent is from nowhere, his manners and dress impeccable, his calm unflappable. He’s a powerful mage, impressively intelligent and perceptive, with an extensive collection of artifacts which he will trade but never sell.

Items he is known to own include: several Mythos deity statues, a crystal skull powqerstone he uses as a paperweight, the humidor from the Marie Celeste (given to him by one of the crew, he says), the original of Guercino’s version of “Et In Arcadia Ego” (he says the one in the Chatsworth House museum is a copy by the actual artist which omits certain details) and a sealed display case containing a handful of corroded nine inch nails.


Stephen Alzis is the Supreme Master of The Fate, a powerful US crime syndicate and a secret Master in several other esoteric organisations to boot. He gained his position with The Fate shortly after World War II by being one of the most powerful sorcerers alive or undead. Little is known about his actual history, though much has been rumored. To give you an example of the dark legendry that has built up around him, there is a belief that everything people say about him is true. Even if the person who started the rumor was deliberately lying, it would turn out to be true. Not only would it be true, but it would turn out that the victim in the story would be the person who started the rumor, even if the story was set a hundred years before he was born.

Alzis appears to be an Arab who is always well-dressed and finely manicured. He speaks English (and most other languages) with a faint but unplaceable accent. He is a charming conversationalist, and is intimately familiar with the details of many unexpected topics. His resources are unknown but impeccable.

Some people say that he is an avatar of Nyarlathotep, a rumor that he will not confirm or deny. His death has been witnessed on 15 separate occasions since 1930; a rumor he occasionally confirms. Some observe that Otto Schmidt, one of the founders of the Fate, was accompanied by a mysterious woman named Stephanie Aldercott for part of his career. Moving further back, a man known by the initials S.A. was possessed by the demon Belapt; a transcript of his interrogation still exists. Alzis has a controlling interest in the New York City venue Club Apocalypse.

Stephen Alziz

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