An iPhone 3GS with a full suite of occult apps installed


Gadget DR3 machine, irrepairable, SM-5, Stolen by ST.
Magic modifier, Electrical.

Accessory, Computer.
Acute Mana Sense 5
Analyze Magic: Detect Magic with analyzing; must specify one target; reduced time 1; 5 second recharge.
Camouflage Field: Obscure Vision + I.R. 4; stealthy; defensive; self only.
Black Chamber Quickdial Menu: Contact group with supernatural talents; Skill 18; Reliable; Appears on 12.
Detect: Magic and magical beings: precise.
Eidetic Memory
Foeminder: Detect Enemies; vague.
Gremlin: Affliction 1; Cause unluckiness; only on machines; hazard – heart attack equivalent.
Hush Field: Silence 3
Magery +1
Magic Resistance 2: improved.
Glamour: Elastic Skin; glamour, Will minus 4.
Spirit Vision: See Invisible; insubstantial only.
Talent (Sage) 1.
Telecommunications: radio and video.
Touch of Pain: Binding 1; Irritant-severe pain; malediction; melee attack reach C; cannot parry; uses 3FP/use;


The iPhone 3GS is a marvel of modern technology, in addition to being a phone, it is a web browser, a GPS device, a digital compass and a fairly good still and video camera. It can also run a wide variety of apps, from ebook readers to one that provides location sensitive restaurant recommendations. However, in the hands of a skilled sorcerer and with a full suite of occult apps installed, it can be so much more. Black Chamber mage field agents may be issued one if their caseload is judged sufficiently dangerous to need the assistance.


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