American Supernatural & Paranormal Investigators Society

“Aspis” is Greek for “shield” and the Society presents itself as an organization covering several different investigation groups within the United States for their mutual benefit and support. The Society is incorporated as a 501-c3 non-profit charity and is based in Denver, Colorado.
Aspis logo

The Society’s website states:

“The Society is dedicated to investigating, documenting and providing help and intervention with paranormal and supernatural phenomena to clients in need. We provide an umbrella organization for investigative groups across the U.S. and can offer contact with one of those groups or provision of a team of specialists drawn from all of those groups as required. We have no fee structure, instead we ask for a donation from satisfied clients.”

Player Characters from ASPIS

ASPIS PC’s should be members of one of the Societies teams of specialists, drawn from groups of paranormal investigators across the country. They could be of any points level but about 200 cp is recommended. At least one member of the team will be a low-level psychic, a mystic or a medium. Other suitable members will be experienced in investigations, having some form of Hidden Lore skill as well as Weird Science, and might even be ex-cops or ex-military.

While on an ASPIS investigation the PC’s gain the following advantages:

Patron: ASPIS (Freq. 9, Organization with 1000 times starting wealth, provides investigation equipment valued up to starting wealth) 15 points
Reputation 3 (For paranormal investigators only, recognized all the time) 5 points

And a travel bag containing investigation equipment: a professional-quality analog tape camcorder, a professional-quality analog film 35mm camera with various lenses, an analog tape sound recorder, night vision goggles, a hand-held radiation detector, a hand-held UV light and a mini-tool kit for Weird Science (minus 2 to Skill). Total value $10,500 Total Weight 24.75 lbs.


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